About Us

Founded in 2006 and situated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Ryerson Education Group aims to promote exchanges between Canada and China in a variety of areas in education and culture, ranging from cooperation and exchange in education, promotion of educational programs, to promotion of Chinese language education and Chinese culture in Canada. To meet the growing market demand in China and the needs of the clientele, Ryerson Education Group set up an office in Beijing, China in 2009.

Over the years, Ryerson Education Group has been actively engaged in promoting and utilizing the educational resources in both Canada and China. It has planned, designed, and implemented several educational programs of high quality and has been providing educational consultation and services to educational organizations in both Canada and China as well as a great number of parents and students. Its administrators and staff hold Chinese and Canadian credentials in higher education and possess rich experience gained from years of their work in educational field. The team has planned and run leadership skill training for senior administrators, high-level vocational training, long-term and short-term programs, and summer camps. It has also introduced Canadian elementary and secondary school curriculum to China. Ryerson Education Group has been highly regarded and recognized for its work by educational administration agencies and educational organizations in both Canada and China.

Our motto: Be earnest, professional, innovative, and committed